Angharad Underwood

Angharad Underwood

The Cookalong Clwb

Tell us what you do.

I’m Angharad Underwood and I have the absolute pleasure of running The Cookalong Clwb with my daughter, Pip. We empower children with kitchen confidence, reducing food waste and maximising food taste, working with schools, groups, teachers and group leaders, sharing simple techniques and recipes.

How can we find out more about you?

We’re on Facebook – TheCookalongClwb1 and you can email

How did you get into food?

I’m a farmer’s daughter; I’ve always cooked and loved seasonal produce. Running The Preservation Society and maximising ingredients is really important to me. And this flows through to the kids; encouraging and empowering kids with food is truly life changing. If they can make a simple tomato sauce out of a tin of tomatoes and some salt and pepper, they are set. They’ll understand flavours and the simplicity of good food.

If you could change one thing about the food system what would it be?

I spend most of my time sharing my skills with primary schools. There is no food or cooking on the curriculum and I strongly believe that if children learnt about money and food from Reception, they’d be prepared for life.

What’s your favourite recipe?

My favourite recipe that we always make with The Cookalong Clwb is a simple noodle soup. Such an easy recipe and made from all the left-over bits in the fridge. Here’s a link to our YouTube recipe. You can also make a noodle pot using instant noodles and either no meat or precooked meat.

What favourite foods would we find in your kitchen right now?

Yesterday we ran a Thai cooking class for kids with Thai Zabb by Ging and my kitchen is still packed with smells of ginger, garlic, chilli, limes and thai basil – I’m in heaven!

What’s a food-related book/website/or other resource you’d recommend?

My first recipe book was The Dairy Book of Home Cookery. I think it was delivered with the milk man, but I cherished it and still have it now. Although I have to admit that I mostly google recipes now.

Tell us about an organization or person working in food in Monmouthshire that has inspired you.

I’m working with Nicky James from Size of Wales on a deforestation-free school meals project. She is incredible! So much fun to work with, but also the knowledge she is conveying to school children about where their food comes from and the impact that has on the world is so powerful. Monmouth is trying to become the first Deforestation Free Town in the world thanks to Nicky’s hard work and super passion.