Joshua Byrne

Joshua Byrne

The Black Bear Inn


Tell us what you do.

Chef Proprietor at The Black Bear Inn

Give us one interesting fact about the Black Bear Inn.

It’s been here nearly 400 years.

How did you get into food?

I started working in professional kitchens when I was 18 saving up for gap year travels, fell in love with it, went away travelling but never went to university and have been cooking ever since.

If you could change one thing about the food system what would it be?

More support for food producers who produce high quality sustainable food so that the best ingredients are cheaper and more widely available for all.

What favourite foods would we find in your kitchen right now (mid-March)?

We are just starting to see the first signs of spring, or at least the end of winter, so seeing the very first wild garlic has been great.

What’s a food-related book/website/or other resource you’d recommend?

New British Classics by Gary Rhodes; cover to cover bangers!

Tell us about an organization or person working in food in Monmouthshire that has inspired you.

Pawel from Paul’s Organic Vegetables. He grows great vegetables just down the road from the pub and works incredibly hard and is a pleasure to deal with.