We are Cam and Mike, two creatives who will be producing digital content for the Monmouthshire Food Partnership for the next seven months. The Food Partnership was set up to bring about and support a food economy in Monmouthshire that has wellbeing and sustainability as its driving forces. Part of the work of shaping a people-powered system involves telling stories about it and that’s where we come in.

We love communicating the care and compassion that is present for individuals, projects and businesses. The name of our creative partnership, Mud and Thunder, comes from the book ‘Wild’, in which Jay Griffiths says that as people “we were not born for pavements and escalators but for thunder and mud.” We want to hold onto what is most essential about people in the stories we tell. We start this project by noticing that the act of contributing to a meal in some way is in itself a universal expression of compassion.

Throughout our time with the Monmouthshire Food Partnership we will be creating a whole range of content, from short films, to blog posts, to other types of video content, and imagery. We’ll explore what food communities across Monmouthshire look like. That includes all aspects of food and drink, from growing and nurturing (thinking of the animals and bees), to cooking, sharing, to distributing and putting back into the earth.

Previously, we have worked with the Food Cardiff partnership to generate discussions around the future of food in the Cardiff Capital Region. With the Resilient Green Spaces partnership, we had the chance to create a film that champions careers in food horticulture. So our interest in food systems has been cultivated over time by many a conversation with farmers and campaigners. And now that we are co-ordinating a community growing project in Usk, the town that we’ve come to settle in, we are finding ourselves endlessly concerned with the operation of taking food from field to fork. It is our hope that by drawing attention to what’s happening across the County we can help move all of us towards a more collective food culture.

Our approach is always to create stories alongside people so that we can amplify a diverse range of voices, rather than determine the narratives ourselves. So, if you have ideas for a story, or would like to work with us to produce some content, then get in touch.