The Cookalong Clwb empowers children with kitchen confidence and essential life skills, maximising food taste and minimising food waste, making delicious meals from scratch, feeding their families for less than £5 a meal, encouraging batch cooking and buying ingredients full of flavour at the best prices.

Angharad Underwood, a Monmouthshire superstar who runs the Cookalong Clwb, says:

‘We run a 6 week online course, enabling children and families to cook 6 hot meals and a pudding using a variety of techniques. We have pasta week, rice week, pastry week, bread week and so much more.

We also run face to face courses and work with teachers and those working with children and groups to enable them with the tools and confidence to empower more children and families to cook.’

Angharad has run the multi award winning The Preservation Society for the last 12 years, using local, seasonal swap cropped ingredients to make jars of deliciousness. The Cookalong Clwb was born out of lockdown and cooking with her daughter Pip (then 8) to cook simple, easy lunches and meals that are child friendly and easily adaptable to individual tastes.

For more information and recipes, search for Cookalong Clwb on Facebook or check out the YouTube Channel @thecookalongclwb2449