Food Charter

The Monmouthshire We Want To See

The food system has been described as everything that happens from farm to fork, from paddock to plate and from soil to stomach so that we can all eat every day. So it’s farming, it’s food processing and manufacturing, it’s transport and logistics, it’s retail and marketing, it’s consumption – eating and cooking, and it’s dealing with waste and recycling. The food system impacts climate change, biodiversity and human health in very major ways. It’s everyone’s business and we all need to be involved in whatever way we can.

This Food Charter sets out our vision and our shared priorities. If you share our vision, we’d love you to join us.

Healthy Food for Everyone

• Nutritious, tasty, planet-friendly food is available to everyone, regardless of their income

• Everyone has the knowledge and skills to grow, prepare, cook and eat good food

• No one suffers from ill health caused by poor diet

A Good Food Movement

• Monmouthshire’s residents care about what they eat and drink, and how it is produced

• Communities come together regularly through growing, preparing, and sharing good food

• Local people feel connected to the land and each other through the food they buy and consume

Sustainable Food Economy

• Sustainable, ethical food and drink businesses thrive year-round, with support from permanent residents and seasonal visitors

• Food and farming are seen as attractive career paths, offering fair work and fair pay

• Monmouthshire is renowned and respected for the quality and abundance of its produce

Food for the Planet

• Our land is managed and farmed sustainably, and biodiversity flourishes

• People have accurate information to make planet-friendly food choices

• Food and packaging waste are a thing of the past